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Arts in the Cloud | Hu Hongxia:Why Do We Still Need Paper Books In the Internet Age?

  • 2020.05.26
  • Event
Arts and Living Lecture Series of CUHKSZ XVII

Theme: Why Do We Still Need Paper Books In the Internet Age?


 Guest: Hu Hongxia

Senior Media Professional, Columnist and Bibliophile


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There will be a prize-winning Q&A session in this lecture. Audiences who raise questions in the bullet screen of BiliBili will have a chance to get an exquisite book named The Dream Recording of Color, Fragrance and Taste edited by Hu Hongxia! 

In this lecture of "Arts in the Cloud", Hu Hongxia will share ideas about the art of book collection, display the art of design and illustration of some books and talk about why we still need to read and collect books in the Internet age.


Brief Introduction of the Guest

Hu Hongxia, Senior Media Professional, Columnist and Bibliophile. He enjoys reading, collecting and writing books and currently he is a member of the Social Committee of Shenzhen Press Group, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Committee of Shenzhen Press Group, and the Editor-in-Chief of Daily Sunshine. Hu Hongxia was born in 1963 and his ancestral home was in Hebei. He entered the press in early 1982 and graduated from the School of Journalism of Renmin University of China with a master's degree in 1992. In the same year, he went to Shenzhen. In 1995, he established the "Cultural Plaza" Weekly of Shenzhen Economic Daily and served as the Editor-in-Chief until 2009. In 2006, he founded the "Shenzhen Reading Month - Annual Top Ten Books Selection Activity" and presided over all previous selections until 2016. It is one of the most important selection activities of the reading community in China and the result of this selection is announced at the end of November every year. He has been in charge of Daily Sunshine since December in 2009.


His main works include: Essay Collection Old Illustrations and New Viewpoints, Guangdong People's Publishing House (1998); Cultural Essay Collection Tiny Dust and Secret Fragrances, Guangdong People's Publishing House (1999); Essay Collection Evening Study, Yuelu Book Society (2011), etc. The books for which he served as Editor-in-Chief include: Dong Qiao's essay collection Moonlight in Old Times, Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House (2003); Private Reading History: 1978-2008, Shenzhen Newspaper Press Group (2009); Salute to Reading: Looking Back and Visiting the Guests of All Shenzhen Reading Months, Haitian Publishing House (2010), etc.


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