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— Life in Shenzhen —

Surrounding Services

China Citic Bank: Basement floor of the Central Road on campus
China Minsheng Bank: Longgang Branch
China Guangfa Bank: Aolin Branch
Bank of China: Gongyuandadi Brach
Shenzhen Library: Free to borrow (Children's Palace Station on Line 3)
Shenzhen Book Center: the biggest local book center(Grand Teater Station)
Supermarkets: World Trade Department Store, CR Vangard, Sam's Club, etc.
Other malls : Vanke Mall, Coco Park, etc.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital
Shenzhen Longgang District People’s Hospital
Shenzhen Longgang District Third People’s Hospital

Visiting Shenzhen with luggage

01. Lotus Mountain

Take off in Chidren's Center MRT in Line 3, and walk to it.

02. Xianhu Botanical Garden

The local plant fossil museum, and can be charged of half with student card. Take Line 3 to Bamboo station, and from Liuyi bus station take 202 bus through to destination.

03.Window of the World

You can travel the world in one day. Take Line 3 to Old Street MRT, and transfer to Line 1 directly arrive.

04. Dameisha Beach and xioameisha Beach

The most popular beach in local. Take Line 3 to Henggang MRT, and walk to Henggang Building bus station. Then take the Holiday Line through to Dameisha beach.

05. Dapeng City

The biggest natinal heritage conservation units.Take Line 3 to Shuanglong MRT, get on 818 bus from shuanglong station 3, and then transfer to B756 through to it.

06. Chung Ying Street

The only street with two political system, and need ID card for entry permit. Take 358 bus from Dayun bus station directly.

07. Wutong Mountain Scenic Area

The location of local highest peak. Take Line 3 to Liuyue MRT, take bus 351 to Shawan checkpoint, and then take B375 directly.

08. Dongmen Old Street

The old street with long history in Shenzhen. Take Line 3 from Dayun MRT to Old Street MRT.

09. Hehu xinju-Hakka Enclosed Residence

The Hakka house group that is remained most complete in Longgang. Take E6 bus from School of Information and technology station to longgang street station, and walk to it.