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There is No Royal Road to Learning - Students Preparing for Final Exams

  • 2019.12.18
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The end of the term is drawing near. CUHK-Shenzhen students have just finished this semester's courses and are preparing for the final examination.

The library has experienced an unprecented number of students. At night, the bus station is packed with students hoping to catch the last bus. Hope everyone who goes out early and leaves late are rewarded for their studious effort! 


Wang Yi Fan 

2018 SME Student、Dilligentia College

The tense atmosphere gives me the motivation to work harder! The final week of each semester is always painful and happy at the same time. The pain is the deadline of two term papers and with 3 to 4 exams crammed into a two day schedule. Happiness is the joy knowing that with every finished paper and exam, I am one step closer to the holiday. During the final week, I love to stay on the Library's 5th floor or the study room at 3 pm. The breathtaking view of the sunset and Christmas tree is a welcome escape. In the finals, we should do our best to maximize our grades with intense revisions. Be confident! 


Ge Yu Qian 

2018 SME student、Dilligentia College

A semester of 18 credits is tough to say the least. Two pre's, three papers, four exams... the battle can stretch to two weeks. Compared to the midterm, the pressure this time is greater. I usually get up in the morning, drink hot soymilk and take the school bus to go to the library. The seat near the window is a good place to read marketing and managerial accounting. In the afternoon,  more people usually come in. Reading macroeconomics is a good option to do at this hour. At night, I prefer to return to my dorm and have an early shower. Afterwards, I head to the college's study room and study mathematics. Personally, it is more effective to sleep overnight than to study stay up late in the library. 


Chen Meng Jie 

2019 SSE Student, Harmonia College 

This is my first exam in CUHK and the first important exam after the college entrance examination. At 12:30 am, I submitted my final Chinese paper and felt super relieved. Despite the countless DDL assignments, I managed to complete them all. These days, I test myself on previous exam papers and found there are many concepts I have yet mastered. 

On the last physics lecture, Professor Tang Shu Xian asked us to recite the quote "You don't know what you don't know" which was something he said at the beginning of the semester. Time flies so fast in here. I remember my first English class as if it was yesterday. I hope I can continue on making my dreams come true for the future and expand my learning, not only for exam purposes, but also to find my passion in learning.