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Creative Illustration: Take a Walk on Campus through Pictures

  • 2020.02.24
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Here in Shenzhen it often feels like we go straight from summer to a brief winter before spring comes around again. Blue skies, green leaves, and flowers are breaking out quitely on campus.  Although it is a pity that students are still away at the moment, Zhangfeng Chen created a series of illustration by using the beautiful views of the University. Let’s explore them and find out your favorite spot at CUHK-Shenzhen.


| Paradise Library | at CUHK-Shenzhen library


| Swan and Moon | Looking up in the sky aftering finishing tutorial


| Clovers | Looking down at the lawn from the top of the Admin Building


| Stave | On the road of the middle campus


| Wi-Fi | Grassland by the lake


| Lotus Pond | Bowen Bookstore


| Four Seasons | Tree outside the Shaw College


| Pantomime | Shaw College


| Spider and his net | Under the street light


| Aladdin | Look up at the foot of Shaw College


| Haunted Castle | Student Center


| Curly Hair of Young Girls | Tree at the sunken square


| Sundial | Anothe tree at the sunken square


| A scarecrow | Start-up Square


| Fairy's Magic | Shaw College


| Toroto | Grassland between Shaw College and Student Center


Photo and design by Zhangfeng Chen