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Interview: International Student Embracing Chinese Lifestyle

  • 2019.10.21
Liubskaia Viktoriia is a Russian student in CUHK Shenzhen. In this interview, she discusses about her life in China and CUHK Shenzhen.



Liubskaia Viktoriia is a Russian student currently residing in CUHK Shenzhen. Since she arrived at Shenzhen two years ago, she has embraced Chinese culture and lifestyle. Below are questions about her experience in China and CUHK Shenzhen.  




Interviewer: Please introduce yourself.  


Liubskaia Viktoriia: Hello, my name is Liubskaia Viktoriia. I come from St. Petersburg, Russia. Since I came here, I cannot stop being impressed by Shenzhen. I love the environment and the weather here. I enjoy almost every day being in Shenzhen.  


Interviewer: Do you like Chinese cuisine?  


Liubskaia Viktoriia: Before I came here, I expected that adapting to the food would be very difficult because Russian and Chinese cuisines are vastly different. To my surprise, I find that the food here is quite delicious. Spicy food is quite common here; I’m not used to it but I’m trying my best to improve! I recommend everyone to try it.  


Interviewer: Do you enjoy your life at CUHK Shenzhen?  


Liubskaia Viktoriia: I love it. I am particularly grateful for our administration and directors because they provide amazing facilities and good educational programs. There are also incredible resources to help supplement our studies. You can feel this university prioritize the students first.  I hope I can stay here for a long time and graduate from this University. It would be a great honour for me to receive a diploma from CUHK. I hope in the future more international students will come to CUHK Shenzhen.